Brandirectory is an online encyclop├Ždia of brands, a flagship product from Brand Finance

Brand Finance and Brandirectory


The mission

Brand Finance asked MintTwist to overhaul their dated and difficult-to-use Brandirectory website.

Brand Finance were interested in MintTwist’s ability to bring expertise from all across the agency, including creative, technology and digital marketing. The company was eager to ensure their search engine rankings were not negatively affected by the rebuild. Because of this we worked in collaboration with Brand Finance’s team and our own marketing team to keep it in check whilst we designed, built and delivered a brand news site which is now much easier to use, makes better use of the incredible content in an engaging way and further accelerates Brandirectory’s authority.

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  • Overhaul the visual language on the front end of the website
    • We needed a more modern layout that allows for better visibility of content
    • Refresh the look and feel and make better use of the Brand Finance brand
    • Address some key problems with user journeys
  • Build entirely new technology to manage and present the vast amount of data Brandirectory holds
  • Develop creative new ways for the data to be visualized on the website
  • Ensure a strong focus on conversion
    • We needed to find ways to encourage more purchases through the website


It was important to us that we build a site that is not only better, stronger and more resilient for visitors and potential customers, but also a site that strongly represented Brand Finance in a positive light. We worked closely with the team at Brand Finance to get a true sense not only for the customer base and their demographics, but also of Brand Finance themselves.

We kept in close contact with our client both in the planning and creative phase of the project, and throughout the technical phase. We had regular meetings to stay on track, on message and on top of the vast data Brandirectory creates and holds.

The project

The project was planned, designed and built over a period of 6 months, with regular meetings between MintTwist and Brand Finance. It involved expertise from all of our teams, with particular effort spent on front-end development and user experience design.

Throughout, we had guidance from our Marketing experts about best practice and with a view to improving Brandirectory’s organic SEO.

The result

The final product is a fast and responsive site, built on cutting-edge technology with due thought and diligence paid to the user experience.

Brandirectory’s new website is a much better representation of the authority Brand Finance holds, and does a better job of growing and strengthening the brand.

As a result of the successful project, MintTwist and Brand Finance have embarked on a series of ongoing projects and consultancy to build upon the Brandirectory site.