Journey to Treasury Report

The client has a division which focuses on the creation of reports and podcasts which draws together expert knowledge and case studies based on their professional experience, on a range of treasury topics.

BNP’s objective was to raise awareness of the Journey’s to Treasury reports and increase the volume of report downloads to gain leads. The client was generating a healthy number of report downloads, however these were from people located in countries that were not driving leads.

MintTwist was tasked with increasing the number of downloads and lead quality in new areas, without sacrificing the total lead quantity.

The total campaign duration was seven months’, with one month of strategic media planning, setting up conversion tracking and campaign upload.

Research and planning

Collaborating with BNP – JTT we conducted audience research using the client’s GDPR protected CRM data, as well as our own keyword research.

Using this information in combination with the clear objective goals of the campaign and a comprehensive understanding of the range of media platforms available, MintTwist developed a strategic campaign plan and utilised a range of awareness and conversion platforms, as per the campaign objective. The budget was split between Search (Google and Bing), StackAdapt and LinkedIn.

Based on this research we created splits in the campaign – Rest of the World (ROW) and US. The target audiences for both were similar, with the main difference being the target locations. The ROW campaign focused on all target markets other than the United States, therefore, the US campaign was targeting this region specifically. Budget splits were evenly distributed initially until the US Search campaign started generating better results, we then adjusted the budgets to favour the United States.

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What we did

Throughout the campaign we optimised the budget splits between platforms based on CPL's, CPC's and CTR's.

At the start of the campaign the budget was set to Google Search 20%, Bing Search 16%, LinkedIn 35% and StackAdapt 29%. During the campaign Bing Search started producing lower CPL’s than Google Search, therefore we reduced Google’s budget and reallocated this to Bing.

We regularly monitored the keywords and search terms on the platforms optimising based on CPC’s, search volume and CTR’s, as well as adjusting the audience targeting based on channel performance.

Case study image for BNP Paribas PPC

The results

In just seven months, MintTwist managed to increase the total leads by 73% and increase leads from the US by 316%.

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Increase in total leads

+ 316%

Increase in leads from US


Increase in Impressions

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