Bio Sculpture

Bio Sculpture are a nail gel manufacturer that have a business model with a difference.

The Client

Bio Sculpture are a nail gel manufacturer that have a business model with a difference. They don’t sell directly to the consumer, they sell through certified technicians who understand the brand.

The Mission

A household name in South Africa, Bio Sculpture wanted to grow in the UK market with a view to expanding further into Europe. The brand wanted to expand the number of nail technicians in the UK and educate the market about their point of difference.

Bio Sculpture Nail Gel is vegan, cruelty-free, and free of the harmful chemicals that may be damaging to the natural nail. Bio Sculpture gel cares for the nail and lasts more than 3 weeks.

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The objective was to create a Digital Marketing strategy that would create a sales and marketing funnel for the business; driving B2B (prospect nail  technicians/sellers) enquiries and consumer enquiries  (which are passed on to qualified specialists).






We adopted a dual approach to meet the objectives. We decided to run campaigns to increase brand awareness and increase demand for Bio Sculpture gel by customers. Our aim is that people who have an interest in the nail and beauty industry are familiar with the brand and with its USPs.

In parallel, we ran campaigns to attract potential nail technicians and beauty professionals to join the Bio sculpture community & sign up to become certified nail technicians.

We used targeted Facebook, video and image ads to create awareness amongst the target market by driving B2B prospects to a B2B landing page and consumers to a product enquiry page. We also used PPC to generate conversions by driving B2B searches to a B2B enquiry page.

Additionally, we setup a management reporting system with the help of Google Analytics to track awareness and conversions from the above and the associated organic search, email and direct marketing channels.


Facebook and Google PPC are the primary channels used to drive direct B2B & B2C conversions (nail technician sign ups). The strategies for these two platforms complement each other to ensure we are capturing potential clients at all stages of the consumer journey.

The nature of digital is that there will be a continuously improving set of results until the funnel is filled up with awareness audiences, prospects and sales opportunities – this fact is helping the numbers to continue to grow at 30% increase in leads and 45% increase in relevant traffic.


The results

Target monthly leads are at 1,000 per month from the UK at which point MintTwist will have worked with Bio Sculpture to have setup and then begin similar growth strategies in other European markets.

Currently at 30% increase in direct conversions