Project summary

The AMX is a platform designed to deliver cost savings and efficiencies for investors, asset managers and intermediaries allowing institutional investors and their managers to work seamlessly together.

The AMX had a website that wasn’t performing at the level they needed it to, and after various piecemeal updates it had become bloated and not fit for purpose.

MintTwist was asked to design a new website from scratch, using the robust AMX brand guidelines.

We worked together with the marketing and various other teams at AMX to architect a site that works well from a conversion point of view, as well as showing the brand in a more modern way.


AMX wanted a site with which they could have confidence sharing with clients, so we worked hard to fully understand the internal structure of the business as well as the audiences they are trying to attract. We agreed that we needed to:


  • Desperately improve the look and feel of the website
  • Improve the user experience and make key content easier to find
  • Create more calls to action to encourage inquiries
  • Re-engage the internal teams at AMX with the website so that they can have confidence sending clients to the site
  • Integrate with various marketing tools used by AMX

Case study image for AMX Website


Our website development experts worked with AMX to create a full plan for the new site, including a robust risk-management program so that all integrations run smoothly. It was important that we create a new site that fixes the various problems introduced over the various updates that preceded the project, as well as play off the AMX brand to elevate the feel and look of the site.

The company desperately needed a site that they could feel confident sharing with clients, so our challenge was balancing the internal needs of the company with the needs of the website’s various audiences.

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MintTwist are a great company work with. They produced a brilliant new site for us and continue to support and improve it with us.

Orla Kelly

Head of Marketing and Communications
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Increase in pageviews


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase on average time spent on the website

The result

Ultimately we built a whole new digital look for the company, with a site that AMX can have faith and confidence in.

The content is much easier to find with a more robust website structure, and the key website sections all have specific calls to action and measurable goals.

Not only does the site now work harder for AMX, but it also presents the company in a more modern, lightweight and nimble way, which is a key tenet of their brand philosophy.

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