Integrated Digital Marketing: Digital Processes

Module 1 in a three-part digital marketing short course in partnership with City University London.

City short courses digital processes

The course will give attendees an overview of key areas such as user experience, SEO, intelligent content marketing and digital advertising, as well as guidance on how to manage each channel successfully. This is the first module in a three-part series.

The aim is for attendees to leave with the knowledge and confidence to start their digital marketing.

Who is this course for?

This is a practical, entry-level course for people who have a basic understanding of digital marketing and want to learn best practice, as well as suitable tools and techniques.

What you will learn

  • User experience – how to structure your site and its content for best experience and conversion
  • How to set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • SEO – how to analyse and select keywords for an SEO campaign, as well as write appropriate content
  • Digital advertising – what platforms are available and what should you use them for?
  • Content marketing – developing a content creation and promotion plan
  • Social media – how to select the right platform and use it

Continuing modules

Integrated Digital Marketing: Strategy for Success

Integrated Digital Marketing: Delivering Insight and Experience


£120 per module or £300 for all three modules.

How to register

Please register via the City University London website.

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