Integrated Digital Marketing: Delivering Insights and Experience

Module 3 in a three-part digital marketing short course in partnership with City University London.

Digital dashboard

This is a practical course aimed at developing a deeper understanding of current and future digital marketing trends, and how your digital strategy should adapt to it. It is the third module in a three-part integrated digital marketing series.

The course covers how to map the customer journey, identify key touch points and analyse how they can be improved from a digital perspective.

Attendees will develop a digital dashboard to report more efficiently and effectively on performance and ROI.

Who is this course for?

This is for practicing digital marketers who want to improve their decision making and strategic ability. Completion of “Integrated Digital Marketing” is recommended before attending this course.

What you will learn

  • Understand how the digital landscape is changing and how to adapt
  • Analyse and deduce insight from data to improve decision making
  • How to map the customer journey and understand how digital can improve the experience
  • How to develop a unique dashboard for better internal reporting and measurement

Continuing modules

Integrated Digital Marketing: Digital Processes

Integrated Digital Marketing: Strategy for Success


£120 per module or £300 for all three modules.

How to register

Please register via the City University London website.

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