History of Digital Marketing

Throughout the centuries there are key events that have shaped our definition of marketing and this unique form of communication between company and consumer.

Although not a new concept, marketing has evolved significantly since the start of the digital age. With the internet boom and the creation of different online mediums, digital marketing has either accompanies or has entirely replaced traditional, offline marketing.

Take a read through our interactive MintTwist Digital Timeline and discover more about these pivotal moments.

mCommerce Is Introduced by Amazon    

Amazon realised the upswing trend of mobile usage. In 2001, Amazon presented a mobile commerce site, with a trolley in the logo.

Launch Of MailChimp    

MailChimp, an email marketing service, was founded in 2001. Beginning as a paid service, it is now the world’s leading email marketing platform. By 2014, the platform was sending out over 10 billion emails per month. ¬†

Kingston Communications launches KIT    

Kingston Communications, a regional telecommunications operator in the UK, launched KIT РKingston Interactive Television. KIT was one of the first companies to launch video on demand. Unfortunately, the KIT service was terminated when subscriber numbers fell from around 10,000 to 4,000 in 2006.