History of Digital Marketing

Throughout the centuries there are key events that have shaped our definition of marketing and this unique form of communication between company and consumer.

Although not a new concept, marketing has evolved significantly since the start of the digital age. With the internet boom and the creation of different online mediums, digital marketing has either accompanies or has entirely replaced traditional, offline marketing.

Take a read through our interactive MintTwist Digital Timeline and discover more about these pivotal moments.

Windows 1.0 Is Released    

Released on November 20, 1985 as the first version of the Microsoft Windows line, the Windows 1.0 is a personal computer. Its development was spearheaded by the company founder, Bill Gates, after seeing a demo of a similar software suite known as Visi On at COMDEX.

The First Online Community    

Being the first online community, the WELL (Whole Earth “Lectronic Link) started with a dialogue between the fiercely independent writers and readers of the Whole Earth Review. This set the tone for the intellectual and social gathering that continues to this day.