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You want them to be perfect and to convey exactly what your reader is looking for. Well first off let …

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You want them to be perfect and to convey exactly what your reader is looking for. Well first off let me tell you that there is no perfect. I know you want to get it right, to be professional and to gain the admiration of your followers but it’s so more important in blogging to be REAL than to be PERFECT.

Now that we have that out of the way I do have ten tips for you on how to write great articles for your blog.

Here they are and in no particular order:

  1. Give Value: It’s important to remember that most people who read articles are looking for information. Make sure you give value first, provide information and then lead them towards the next step (a sale, signup, etc)
  2. Give Action Oriented Information: Again, people are looking for information and action steps they can take to reach their goal
  3. Touch on Hot Topics: If there are hot topics in your niche, make sure you touch on them and address them. Weighing in with your opinion will give you more personality and will attract people to you. Even people who disagree will still respect your opinions.
  4. Use Bullet Points or Lists: Don’t write big clumps of text that are hard to read. Even if people are really interested in your topic if the post is hard to read they’ll go somewhere else to find the information.
  5. Use Keywords: Do your research! Find out what people in your target market are looking for and provide it to them through your article.
  6. Use sub-headings: Using sub-headings throughout your article will break up the text and make it easy to read. Read-ability is extremely important on the internet while you may online have someone’s attention for seconds. It’s your job to keep that attention with great sub-headlines that pull them through your article.
  7. Know Yourself: When you write from your own perspective people can relate. Don’t try to project something that’s not you because it will only always appear fake.
  8. Know Your Market: The better you know your market the better you can write to them. Get to know the details of your market. Are they male or female? What age are they? Where do they work? What do they do for fun? The more you know, the better you write and relate.
  9. Know Your Point: Have a point in every article and keep on point. If you find yourself breaking off into another topic stop and save that for another article.
  10. Know Your Purpose: Every article should have a purpose on your blog. Is it to build readership, to get them to sign up to your newsletter or to sell something? Know your purpose and keep on point.

There you have the top ten basic tips for writing an *almost* perfect article. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just start writing and you’ll get better every single time you put your fingers on that keyboard!

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