World Cup 2014: social media update – week 2

The second week has continued to delight our social media marketing London deparment- more shock results, more memes and millions of tweets. Six teams (at the time of typing) are confirmed for the second round of 16:
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
The only teams not ranked in our top 16 are Argentina and Costa Rica. Chile performed well in our rankings (12th for social media, 11th overall) so we’re not too surprised to see them here even though they were not predicted to go through. Our next article will round-up the group stage and you can still download our report to find out what we predicted. Download predictions

How did our predictions perform this week?

It’s been a tough week for World Cup predictions. We’re still ahead of Goldman Sachs (31%) and Bloomberg (44%) but our accuracy rate dropped to 50%. Our guest animal predictor this week is Shaheen the Camel from Gulf News. Shaheen’s record for the first matches was impressive – a whopping 80% correct (NB He/she doesn’t predict every match). Like us, Shaheen saw a drop in form this week and only managed 50% correct.
Match Result Goldman Bloomberg MintTwist Shaheen
Brazil v Mexico Draw Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil
Cameroon v Croatia Croatia Draw Draw Croatia N/A
Australia v Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands N/A
Spain v Chile Chile Spain Spain Spain Spain
Colombia v Ivory Coast Colombia Draw Colombia Colombia N/A
Japan v Greece Draw Draw Draw Greece N/A
Uruguay v England Uruguay Draw Draw Draw England
Italy v Costa Rica Costa Rica Italy Italy Italy N/A
Switzerland v France France Draw Draw France France
Honduras v Ecuador Ecuador Draw Draw Ecuador N/A
Argentina v Iran Argentina Argentina Argentina Argentina Argentina
Nigeria v Bosnia Nigeria Draw Draw Nigeria N/A
Germany v Ghana Draw Draw Germany Germany N/A
USA v Portugal Draw Draw Draw USA N/A
Belgium v Russia Belgium Draw Belgium Belgium Belgium
Korea v Algeria Algeria Draw Draw Korea N/A

Man of the match: Paddy Power

We’re enjoying their tongue-in-cheek Twitter feed and inventive promotions. They are a good example of how social media can be used to have a more informal voice and, well, fun. Compared to their betting rivals, they stand out and are prepared to take risks. Before England’s first match, they drew criticism for their rainforest tweet but they’ve not been afraid to criticise or poke fun at England and other teams. They tweet throughout matches and keep followers up to date with previews of matches called “Loo reads”. By using their own hashtag (#BrazilNuts), they can manage World Cup conversations and encourage participation.

Top social moments

There were even more to choose from this week. Enjoy!

Spain’s defence (again)

It didn’t get any better…

Diego Costa

Last week it was Rooney, this week Spain’s Brazilian-born striker was in the headlights.


You knew it was coming…


Three guesses what it was compared to…

Argentina v Iran

The polar opposite of Spain and Switzerland’s defence!

USA v Portugal

The USA's lead over Portugal produced some intriguing fan "art".

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