What tools are out there to make your Instagram a success?

People may measure Instagram success differently. However, after Instagram reported a whopping 500 million daily active users at the end …

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People may measure Instagram success differently. However, after Instagram reported a whopping 500 million daily active users at the end of 2017, nobody can dispute that a successful account can turn into profit.

This year, companies big and small are turning to Instagram to attract new clients, build brand recognition, and collaborate with influencers.

Globally, Instagram users share up to 95 million posts per day reaching 4.2 billion likes. With numbers that extreme, saturation of content is inevitable.

We were interested in finding ways that companies have managed to achieve success in this highly competitive space. And we found three tools capable of taking your business’s account to the next level.


What better place to begin than Instagram itself? If your business has not yet switched over to a business account, don’t worry. Switching over to a business account only takes seconds.

How to switch: Open the app and click on the profile icon in the bottom-right corner. Click the manage profile icon next to “Edit Profile”. Scroll down and select “switch to Business Profile”.

As a business account, you have unlocked several new business tools. Instagram allows business users to access analytics, publish Instagram ads, and increase content visibility.

The Instagram algorithm has never been revealed and is constantly changing, which means businesses must adapt to the new trends to continue to increase follower engagement.

Social media trends indicate that Instagram favors quality over quantity. And quality is determined by the number of time followers engage with a single post. Utilising popular hashtags is an easy way to improve your social media advertising.

The more users view your content combined with the amount of time spent will trigger your business as quality content and improve user engagement.

Users now have the ability to follow their favorite hashtags. By following hashtags, new content will appear on your feed that is connected to your favorite tags.

Our team’s favourite hashtags include #LondonLife (4,070,888 posts), #DigitalAgency (304,882 posts), and #AgencyLife (1,046,906 posts). Always take advantage of adding high-engagement hashtags to your posts.


Canva is the perfect suite to design quick graphics for building brand recognition.

Whether your business wants to add a transparent logo on an image or create infographics, Canva allows users to design unlimited designs for free.

Last year Instagram stories enabled users to share live content with their followers. And this year, branded highlight covers have become the newest way to organize these moments so they last a lifetime.

Instagram stories are another feature that allows profiles to be triggered as high-quality content. Instagram posts are filtered to cater to a user’s interests, but stories are listed in chronological order. Stories allow content to receive more user engagement.

The more often a follower views your stories the more likely your company’s posts will appear on their feed.

Creating branded highlight covers take seconds. On Canva personalise the dimensions to 1080px x 1920px.

How to upload highlight covers: Download the design as a .jpg then save the image to your phone. Open the app and switch left on to the story screen. Swipe up and select the image from your camera roll. Then post the image to your story. Once a part of your story, the image can be added to a highlight. Highlight cover can always be updated by editing the highlight on your profile.


Preview App is a business’s one-stop-shop for building a constant and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. On the app users have the ability to plan, schedule, and analyse their feed before posting live.

Preview understands how important hashtags are to increase content visibility so they created an Instagram hashtag finder that prefer hashtag analytics to select the best hashtags for your page.

Creating a professional and unique Instagram feed is not easy. Preview App themed inspiration and photo editing filters make designing a flawless and intriguing flow of content a breeze.


Well there you have it, three simple tools to improve Instagram engagement. Have fun creating and let us know how you get on!

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