The top 5 Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon EBC is one of the best ways to create an impact for your products and gain traction. Here's 5 of our favourites.

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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a topic we discussed back in 2019 as a tactic to make the most of your ecommerce presence and gain competitive advantage . Amazon EBC is one of the best ways to create an impact for your products and gain traction.

Thanks to this customisable Amazon tool you will be able to create your own product listings and give them your own touch by adding different features, such as logos, graphics and photos. EBC is the best way to promote your products and tell your target audience some extra information and instructions about the products. This way, you will boost your listings while increasing brand awareness.

In this article, we’ll show you our top 5 examples of a good Amazon EBC to give you some inspiration on how it could be utilised for your brand.

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The top 5 Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Strider Bikes

Strider Bikes Amazon EBC

From the city to the countryside, when your toddlers start exploring the world and you begin to search for their first bike there’s a lot to consider. Not only this but, competition is high as multitude of brands will appear as you begin the search for your toddlers’ bikes. This is why Strider has focused on its product specifications when advertising their Amazon listings. The brand offers a rich comparison of their different products, looking at suggested ages, ideal measurements and dimensions of each product.

Strider bikes Amazon EBC 'how to measure your child's stand-over height'

Strider also gives you an easy overview of how their products can be the perfect fit for your kid. It displays a complete guide on how to take the right measures of your kids when purchasing a bike. Much easier to see your offspring rolling around, right? It is of importance here to remark the value of offering completed information: the more info you can add, the easier it will be to find it within the SERP.

Bare conductive

Bare Conductive Amazon EBC

Bare Conductive’s approach focuses on the creation of printed electronic products suitable to incorporate into our environment. Their development kits make you feel like the future is here already.

Because of the complexity of technical products, they require a more simplified and plain language to reach all audiences. Bare Conductive knows that, as they present their Amazon listings categorising their product specifications, and what each kit contains. Their colourful designs within their various interactive projects capture everyone’s attention, and not just from those who are experts in the field.


Brickell Amazon enhanced brand content
Brickell Amazon enhanced brand content

Many beauty brands have a men’s line of products, but the truth is that just a few of them have an identifiable digital marketing campaign. Brickell has been one of the latest brands to join the men’s beauty market. With its own Amazon Store on-site, this brand gains traction and traffic due to its responsive and beautiful product listing design. This is the time for brands to be reborn, as everyone is out there trying to make the most of their digital presence.


Glamorise Amazon EBC
Glamorise Amazon store

Glamorise combines smart imagery to clearly showcase their brand and their products from an immediate glance. This brand combines smart infographics with their best sellers and their different bra categories. Great user experience is assured on their product pages, as it allows easy navigation through their products.


Ellie Amazon enhanced brand content
Ellie Amazon enhanced brand content

With thousands of jewellery brands joining the market each day, having a bespoke Amazon strategy is key to boosting your return on investment. Ellie focuses on the “less is more” approach when promoting their brand, as their formats present an easy and high-quality designs. Their rich images and navigation list gives the user the ability to jump from necklaces to rings, or from silver to gold effortlessly. Their beautiful and simple designs are represented by an easy to follow overview.


To sum up… your product listings on Amazon are the perfect complement to your digital marketing strategy, as it presents key information of your brand in a clear and consistent format. Therefore, if you want your products to have a paramount EBC listing, keep in mind what you want to say to your public, and how you want to present your goods. You do not have to lose your essence, but remember that looking the right way is also important!

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