Top 10 Budget Tweets

Top 10 Budget Tweets

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Love it or hate it, social media is the best platform for monitoring instant sentiments and feelings towards topical events. This year’s Budget was no exception and we’ve collected our top tweets below.

Unsurprisingly, most of these tweets were aimed at George Osborne and not flattering.

Many companies are frightened of social media for this reason – they may be painted in a bad light and everyone can read their customer complaints. No one wants a feed bombarded with bad comments.

However, social media’s downside is also its upside – it creates the opportunity to respond directly and quickly to the person complaining, publicly or privately. Other channels cannot do that.

To Osborne’s credit he has persevered with Twitter when he could have easily abandoned the account given the amount of abuse he receives on it. He has chosen not to respond (publicly).

This is probably the best strategy for a politician but for many companies this would not be the right approach. It is essential to have a good response strategy in place before any negative comments appear. Being well prepared not only shows professionalism, but a willingness to engage regardless of what is being said.

These are our favourite tweets – we’ll just have to imagine how Osborne would respond…

Top 10 Budget Tweets

Jaffa Cakes

Channel 4

Bad news for supermarkets

Behind the scenes

Huffington Post

Alternative use for the new coins

You’ve been warned Harry

An oldie but a goodie

Daily Mirror

At least someone will be happy…

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