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The MintTwist bloggers have been busy this year. We love to write about all things digital and there was plenty to discuss this year. The following articles created the most engagement on our website, as well as our social media channels.

Predicting the winner via social media

Colin Cheng spent a significant amount of the year buried in Excel spreadsheets and predicting the winners for the Eurovision Song Contest, Britain’s Got Talent and The X-Factor. Combining data from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and popularity on the internet, Colin accurately predicted the winner for each one.
Even Obama loves Five Guys Five Guys Obama

What Five Guys and Chipotle can teach your business about social media

Launching a successful chain in a new market is challenging. Caitlin and Matthew analysed how two new US entrants to the UK market have used social media to maintain customers’ interest in them and drive their success.

Big data: where do we start?

Big data was one of the buzz words for 2013 and a one that can prompt confusion and terror. Josh looked at how big data was being used by companies to recruit more intelligently. One surprising stat was that applicants with criminal records (who are usually culled) are actually excellent call centre workers. Colin spent a significant amount of the year buried in Excel spreadsheets.

5 ways B2B can use Pinterest

Social media has always posed a challenge for B2B. At first glance Pinterest seems like an awkward one for B2B to use as it’s predominately image based but I think there are CSR and recruitment opportunities that companies should explore.
Insights into Brazil Brazil_infographic1

Middle Eastern, European and Brazilian Internet Habits infographics

On a country and regional level, internet habits are dramatically different - we looked at the Middle East, Europe and Brazil this year. For example, the Middle East has low broadband uptake so phones have become the principal way for users to access the internet. Understanding how a country’s internet users search and use social media is key to launching in new markets.

2013 web design trends

This year has seen responsive design and HTML5 become important game changers for web design. The animation, video and sound features are chipping at Flash’s territory and minimalist web design is making a comeback. It all bodes well for 2014.

Google+, Authorship and SEO in 2013

Google had a busy 2013 with Penguins, Pandas and Hummingbirds but in the first half of the year we saw the release of authorship and AuthorRank. This has now become a crucial piece of code for websites to improve rankings and see content promoted in search engines. Google had a busy 2013 with Penguins, Pandas and Hummingbirds.

Web design mistakes

Featuring one of our scariest blog images, though not as scary as some of the mistakes we see on websites every day. Conversion rate optimisation is becoming a focus for marketers, and rates are frequently affected poor calls to action and boring content.

Catching Fire

Our tribute to the Hunger Games – a look at how Catching Fire has been effectively marketed in the run up to its release. May the likes and retweets be ever in your favour…
Dave Kirkwood's Micro Flash Mob in action davekirkwood2

Interview with Dave Kirkwood

Dave Kirkwood came up with the Micro Flash Mob idea and has seen it raise huge awareness for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Colin interviewed him about how he developed the idea.

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