#ThrowbackThursday: The MintTwist Edition

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If you've checked the MintTwist Twitter or Facebook pages in the last week, you may have noticed a reccuring theme: baby pictures! Since last Thursday we have been flooding social media with the miniature versions of members of our team, challenging our followers to guess whose picture belongs to whom, all in anticipation for this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

History of the Throwback

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, Throwback Thursday refers to the now infamous Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr trend that encourages people to show a little bit of nostalgia each Thursday of the week. This can include posting up pictures of yourself, your friends, or of events in your past that you are partial to for no real reason other than for sheer amusement. In February 2011, the term made its debut when Bobby Sanders, a Kennasaw State University Alum, posted a picture on Instagram of his miniature toy car collection with the simple caption, "#Hotwheels #ThrowbackThursday". Since then it has received recognition from the likes of celebrities and politicians around the world.

Throwback Etiquette

While the whole trend started as a happy accident (as many do), it certainly took on a mind of its own as the public masses started to generate expectations for the popular hashtag. Ideas of what constitutes as far enough back in the past to be regarded as a throwback shaped the discussion, snubbing posts of pictures taken at a more recent date, and although there is no defined "throwback era", generally it is agreed upon that anything older than five years old is a good rule of thumb to follow. Further, there is the idea of reserving the #throwback for special occassions in order to preserve it or make sure it isn't overdone. This means only posting one or two pictures on Thursdays and keeping in mind that the beach looks pretty much the same every year (in other words, if it's a throwback, try to differentiate it from the present). So whether you're social media famous or you just like to keep up with friends, Throwback Thursday is something that can be enjoyed by everyone, so pull out those baby pictures and play along!

#MintTwistMinis Revealed

And now, without further ado, here are the identities of our #MintTwistMini team members who participated in this week's Throwback Thursday social media picture series - in the order of the Facebook and Twitter posts for those of you who kept up with the challenge: First up, we have have this terrible two year old who is none other than....Emily Robertson (me!), our Marketing Intern! xemily-robertson-11.jpg.pagespeed.ic.bb0loqi5pn xemily-robertson-21.jpg.pagespeed.ic.hr7htxtzpn Next, we have this dashing MintTwist Mini! Did you guess he was Jai Whiting, our Digital Director? xjai-whiting-11.jpg.pagespeed.ic.yvvoglnnky xjai-whiting-21.jpg.pagespeed.ic.2ckr9biw2u Danny Ball is next up as our mini musician and now he's our Project Manager here at MintTwist! xdanny-ball-11.jpg.pagespeed.ic.yybxqosanz danny-ball-21 This little ball of excitement with the bright blue eyes is Lydia Gray, our Business Manager! xlydia-gray-11.jpg.pagespeed.ic.o-ieavokzs xlydia-gray-21.jpg.pagespeed.ic.y39ljkqy33 Julia Deutsch went from tiny diva to being our Senior Digital Marketing Executive! xjulia-deutsch-11.jpg.pagespeed.ic.qgr0qs4v-h xjulia-deutsch-21.jpg.pagespeed.ic.hsmrfcr4nq And this little gent in the red sweater is Colin Cheng, our esteemed Marketing Manager! xcolin-cheng-11.jpg.pagespeed.ic.wjdgg70fgv xcolin-cheng-21.jpg.pagespeed.ic.l8y88xicnm Featured up next we have this handsome little lad who happens to be none other than Elliott King, our MintTwist Director! xelliott-king-11.jpg.pagespeed.ic.nkxkksysuv elliott-king-21 And finally, last but certainly not least, we have this tireless toddler who also happens to be our MintTwist Director, Alexis Pratsides! xalexis-pratsides-1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6f3xl524v0 xalexis-pratsides-2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.s87ls67miz This concludes our #ThrowbackThursday #MintTwistMini picture series; we truly hope you enjoyed it! Also a huge thank you to the MintTwist team for being such champs about handing over their baby pictures, they are all outstanding! So how about you? Did you guess correctly? Any surprises?

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