The top 5 albums of summer 2015 according to their online following

The current top 5 music albums (UK) X – Ed Sheeran The Long Way Home – Krept and Konan The …

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The current top 5 music albums (UK)

  1. X – Ed Sheeran
  2. The Long Way Home – Krept and Konan
  3. The Definitive Collection – Lionel Richie and The Commorodes
  4. Chaos and the Calm – James Bay
  5. 1989 – Taylor Swift

According to 15th July 2015 these are the current top 5 albums. But how well do our social media management London team think they are really doing?

X- Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran’s album ‘X’ made a massive 210,000 sales in the first week alone and has remained in the official top 40 charts for 55 weeks. He has now sold over 2 million copies.

Ed also won a Brit award for the best British album of the year and was nominated for the Best Pop Vocal Album and Album of the Year during the 57th Grammy Awards.

His ‘sheerios’ must be pretty dedicated to have listened to his album on Spotify 26 million times during the first week!

He has a strong following of 14.4 million people on Twitter and 4.2 million followers on Instagram, also bagging over 12 million likes on Facebook. What a huge following! His most popular music video, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ has over 600 million views.

He is a strong contender, let’s see what the other artists have to offer.


The Long Way Home- Krept and Konan


The Long Way home is the debut studio album of the British hip hop duo, Krept and Konan. The album was released just 5th July 2015 and has already climbed its way up to spot number 2 on the top 40 albums chart.

Since they have only had the limelight for a short while their following isn’t the biggest, with 128k followers on Twitter and 97.7k followers on Instagram.

However with the music that they are producing, the hip hop duo have a chance to become one of the most well-known duos in the world. I have high hopes for these newcomers.

The Definitive Collection- Lionel Richie and The Commodores


This amazing album by the legend who is Lionel Richie was originally released in the US as a one disc compilation in February 2003.

His album shot up on the UK top 40 after his performance at the Glastonbury festival, jumping 103 positions last week. An album that is over a decade old soared up on the charts due to an amazing performance made just a couple of days ago, hitting number 1 for the first time in 23 years.

The album had in fact only reached number 10 in the UK after its original release in 2003 but made a comeback and reached the top spot. Proof that it is never too late!

Chaos and the Calm- James Bay

The official charts company reported that ‘Chaos and the Calm’ debuted at number one in the UK chart on 29 March 2015, having sold over 64,000 copies in the first week of release, while his album was streamed almost 2,500 times.

He now has a following of 180k on Twitter and 245k on Instagram. His once small army, is now growing into a huge one.

His music video for his hit song ‘Hold Back the River’ has over 44 million views, and has a total of over 75 million views on his Vevo channel!

He has gained thousands of new fans in the last few months and I won’t be surprised if isn’t just a one hit wonder, I’m looking forward to hearing more of his music.

1989- Taylor Swift

Last, but definitely not least, we have the amazing Taylor Swift with her album 1989.

The album was released on 27th October 2014 and debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling over 1.25 million copies in the first week alone.

This made Taylor Swift the first artist to sell one million or more copies of an album in a week-long period for three albums. As of July 2015, 5 million copies of 1989 have been sold in the US and 8.6 million worldwide.

The ‘Blank Space’ music video is one of four music videos with over 1 billion views on YouTube and is the fourth most viewed YouTube video of all time. On July 3, 2015, it became the third and fastest music video to reach 1 billion views on VEVO.

Her recent music video for her song ‘Bad Blood’ features multiple celebrities, this video broke Vevo’s 24 hour world record by accumulating over 20.7 million views in just 24 hours. She has one of the biggest fan bases ever, with 60.3 million followers on twitter and 37.6 million followers on Instagram.

Taylor Swift just continues to amaze me.


How big are they really?

Although these artists have surpassed the huge challenge of having their music recognised, let’s see who really has the biggest of followings and which of our top 5 artists are the closest to the top.

Twitter followers Instagram followers Facebook likes YouTube Vevo Views
Ed Sheeran 14.4 million 4.2 million 12,537,647 1,841,733,305
Krept & Konan 128k 97.7k 101,609 6,804,541
Lionel Richie 223k 94.9k 3,580,657 55,214,754
James Bay 180k 245k 360,766 75,311,750
Taylor Swift 60.3 million 37.6 million 71,882,009 5,643,612,410


Katy Perry has the highest number of twitter followers with a record of over 72 million followers, followed by Justin Bieber with over 65 million. Taylor Swift is fourth on the list of people with the highest number of followers. She has a massive fan base but Twitter isn’t the only site that she has wrapped around her finger.


Shakira is the musician with the highest number of likes on her Facebook page, with over 100 million likes! However Taylor Swift also makes an appearance at position number 8 with over 71 million likes on her Facebook page.


Rihanna places first on the Instagram top 10 musicians with the highest number of Instagram followers followed by Ariana Grande and then Taylor Swift! Taylor has managed to be on the top for all three of these social media websites that people use every single day.
As I have stated before, Taylor Swift just continues to amaze me.


I think that we can come to the conclusion that out of our top 5 albums, Taylor Swift seems to be the biggest music star online, with a fanbase that continues to grow every single day.

Maybe we should get some digital marketing tips from Taylor Swift!

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