The Browser Wars

As we know Safari, in theory, should always have the edge over other browsers on the iPhone and iPad due to the nature of the process in which Apple insist alternative browsers are rendered through UIWEBVIEW, which is slow and does not take advantage of the hardware prospects which Safari holds. Ultimately Safari will always be the fastest browser. Speed is certainly not the be all when it comes to comparing browsers, although it's a strong contender. In appearance, usability, and functionality, I believe Chrome tops Safari. Safari is clearly a very clean and minimalistic way of browsing the Internet when you're on the move but Chrome is just that touch smarter. Easier to use tabs, cleaner search engine integration: these are just some of the features Google's Chrome has that leaves Safari behind. These are also the same issues which apply to the personal computer versions of the browsers. Although Safari may be the top used browser on Apple computers (being pre-installed), when it comes to PC use, I don't know many people who actively use Safari, though quite a few have tried. In regard to Google Drive making an appearance in the App Store this really is an app many people have been waiting for and have embraced with open arms. With Google continuously increasing the tools and apps they provide, Google Drive will always be one of the most used, and having such an easy and user friendly way of using Google Drive on your iPhone and iPad is nothing short of a revelation. It runs smoothly without any glitches, which is nearly unheard of when it comes to new App Store releases but Google has clearly done their homework. I'm sure we'll be seeing more and more from Google in the App Store in the coming months and our app development London team looks forward to seeing what they do next.

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Alexis Pratsides