The 7 dwarves of content marketing

The 7 dwarves of content marketing

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The ultimate team in fairy tales is the Seven Dwarves, each with their own unique characteristics. Creating great content is the same – it needs different skills and approaches.  Getting buy-in from people around your business to help create and repurpose content will support content marketing efforts and SEO marketing activity.


Responsible for maintaining a content calendar and that content is being produced and promoted properly. If you only have one person, make it this one!


Putting content on the company blog is not enough. It needs to be actively and continually promoted. For this you need to use social media best practice and PR skills to get attention and sharing.


Writing high-quality content is important so you’ll need good, topical ideas that resonate with an audience.


Content should not just be focused on the written word. Videos are 12 times more likely to be shared if compared to text and link statuses. Create new content or repurpose existing articles into videos, presentations, infographics and images. If someone within your company is a good photographer, why not ask them to contribute?


People love data and it can make a compelling hook for article titles and images, as well as creating infographics. Look for resources – people, websites, and publications – that provide these.


Every company has someone with excellent presenting skills and who feel at ease in front of a camera or microphone. Use their abilities to create videos, podcasts and webinars.


Content is most powerful when it’s released at the right time. This means being able to react quickly to breaking news, as well as planning for events you know will happen. Don’t let good content turn into a pumpkin.

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