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See what SEO events in 2023 could be of interest to you and why the SEO team think these are a must-visit.

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Starting off the year right is a new year’s resolution for many people around the world, but it is especially true for SEO marketers. 

With algorithm updates released daily, and new trends emerging it can be hard sometimes to keep up with what new technologies and practices are coming in. Fortunately, 2023 is a year packed with wonderful events aimed at solving exactly this issue. These events focus on discussing the latest updates and topics around SEO, giving attendees the insights they need to help them go away and execute effective and successful organic search strategies.

Whether you are an SEO specialist or are just simply a business owner who wants to get more out of your online presence, there are events that can suit every need. 

And luckily for us, many of these SEO conferences are hosted in the UK. Packed with speakers and thought leaders joining to share their knowledge with SEO enthusiasts around the world, these are the hottest events that you can’t afford to miss.

Online SEO events to check out

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Starting off with a list of virtual events as they require are easily accessible and often come at no cost! Below is a compiled list of the most notable online SEO events in 2023 that are worth checking out:

1.     SMX Advanced Europe

2.     SEOday

3.     Content marketing world 

4.     MozCon

Many events on this list are prominent, well-known conferences, with some being the biggest SEO events in the world (at least that is what SEOday claims). But let’s not get too hyped about that fact!  

Often huge events come at huge costs with some search engine optimization conference tickets costing up to $699 dollars per person. Now that is a big cost! But of course, not every event is that pricey. 

SEOday for example is a free event that is hosted both online and on stage. It is also multilingual; often hosting content in up to 3 languages, which is convenient and especially useful for those who want to pump up their multilingual SEO. It will be hosted in North America so if you are located in the UK you might want to make sure that you account for the time difference.

SEO events in the UK

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Next on the list are some events that are a bit more travel friendly to all our London and UK SEO experts:

1.     Women in Tech SEO Festival

2.     Retail Week Live

3.     BrightonSEO (April edition)

4.     Ecomm live

5.     MeasureCamp London

6.     Hero Conf

7.     Ungagged London

8.     SMX Advanced (Europe) (also virtual)

9.     BrightonSEO (September edition)

10.  Search London

11.  eCommerceExpo

12.  Festival of Marketing

13.  Internet Retailing

14.  Distilled – Search Love Conference

15.  Distilled – Search Love Conference

16.  Benchmark Search & Digital Conference

All of these wonderful events will be hosted in the UK or at least will be available to all UK citizens. And the most loved event for us on this list is the Women in Tech SEO Festival; a wonderful event for women in the SEO community, hosted by 10 brilliant speakers with after-party drinks and snacks! 

The catch though? It comes at a cost. Recording the event (camera recording) is £99, which is not cheap in itself and standard tickets cost as much as £249. That is a huge amount if you’re the one paying for your tickets (though considerably far less than other SEO event tickets which can cost as much as £1,499!). 

Another event we’re looking forward to this year is the Brighton SEO conference. Brighton SEO is a well-known event among SEO experts here in the UK and all over the world. A conference packed with both knowledge and passion, it boasts beautiful views (as it is held at the Brighton Centre, right by the beach), live workshops and social networking events that are hard to match. Costing anywhere between £0 to £795, it is the SEO event for all pockets. 

To go for free individuals need to enter the ballot for a free ticket. To enter, all you need to do is follow this link : , register for the ballot and wait patiently for an email confirmation. 

And who knows, maybe if you are lucky enough you will be one of the hundreds of people attending Brighton SEO this year for free.


To sum up, there are many wonderful SEO events coming in 2023 that are just too good to ignore. If you want to keep up with the best practices in SEO or want the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, these are the events just for you.  Make sure to check our list and pick one that suits your needs best.

And if you want to chat to us about SEO, feel free to get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you.

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