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Advanced Web Ranking is a search engine ranking software application that helps check the position of a website in search …

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Advanced Web Ranking is a search engine ranking software application that helps check the position of a website in search engines rankings. The web ranking systems allows users to pick region specific search engines making managing international sites easier than ever before.

How does it work?

To begin, users need to enter a list of keywords or phrases they wish to track. The tool offers various built in keyword research tools to help users with keyword choices. Entering keywords proved to be an easy task, from there users enter the URLs of the sites that you wish to track. After keywords and the URLs are entered for a specific project all that is left is to run the report. Every time a keyword report is run the tool will compare the new page rank with the results from previous page ranks.

Our thoughts on the tool

What we liked

MintTwist found the “top sites’ and “overview” tabs especially useful due to the fact that they are useful when tracking a large amount of keywords and for measuring overall success of a project.

Reports are easily exported to different formats including HTML, PDF, EXCEL and CSV complete with logos, headers and footers. Users can schedule project updates to run whenever they want as many times as they want.

MintTwist’s SEO team are able to manage multiple large international projects with ease using advanced web ranking software.

Advanced web ranking provides accurate ranking data even when there is a large amount of keywords in the project. It can run on multiple platforms too, which has made it easy for us to access the ranking system interface when meeting with customers outside of our home office.

Another useful tool offered by Advanced web ranking system was the local search ability. It allows users to make their own search engine in a way to find results in your interface using Google maps and Yahoo local search.

The Link manager is also a very useful tool for anyone looking to build link campaigns. Link Manger does exactly what it suggests in that it enables users of all abilities to efficiently and effectively organize their link campaigns to their specific needs.

Features of Link Manger include, but are not limited to: Finds links relative to the users site, keeps track of link partners, finds broken links that can negatively affect your page rank, monitor competitors, track your back links, and produce highly customized reports. Link manager automatically eliminates manual searches to reduce the bandwidth burdens of other programs.

What we didn’t like

When first using the tool users must be patient because the possibilities of the software can be overwhelming at times. MintTwist users had to take some time to read the user manual and play around with the software for while in order to gain a full understanding of the possibilities.

The one complaint that we had with the software was it was not entirely easy to figure out how to effectively see how our competition was doing, but after some time spent reading the user’s manual we figured out the process.

Overall: we recommend it

Overall Advanced web ranking system has been essential to our successful deliverance of SEO to different clients, and we highly recommend the tool. The level of competence and possibilities make it a dream to work with.

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