How do I promote my YouTube video? 3 easy tips to get more traffic

The most effective ways to drive traffic to your YouTube channel

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Let’s face it, starting a YouTube channel and getting traffic to your videos can be hard.

Very hard.

Apart from optimising your videos through YouTube SEO, it’s crucial to get exposure to your YouTube channel and get visitors into your sales funnel.

If YouTube sees that your videos are getting views and the visitors are engaged, they will promote your video more. Which in turn will help you get even more visitors and more potential clients.

So how can you promote your YouTube video? Here are three FREE easy ways to get targeted traffic immediately:

  • Email List – Send out your videos to your companies email list. You already have a built up database of customers, so why not put it to use?
  • Quora – Give high quality answers to questions your potential clients are asking and send them to your videos for more information.
  • Pinterest – Even though Pinterest is image only, you can share high quality images related to your YouTube videos and include them in your Pin

All these steps will cost you ZERO money, all that is required is some time and effort and you will get engaged, targeted traffic to you YouTube videos – the best type of traffic YouTube will love. Let’s look at how you can implement each of these steps:

Promoting your videos using Quora

If you don’t already have a Quora account, get one today! Quora has been an tremendous source of traffic for me and my website, and is still an underutilized by a lot of business owners.

The key of using Quora is searching for keywords related to your industry and looking at the most viewed answers. All you have to do is create a better answer and give more value, and slip your YouTube video in the answer as an additional resource.

The trick is to not sound spammy and make sure your video is related to the question being asked. Otherwise you run the risk of getting your answer getting down voted or outright deleted.

If done right, people will be wanting to click your video because the answer you gave was awesome and they want to see more of what you or your company is about.

Using Quora is not only a good way to get YouTube traffic, but it is a good way to build credibility to yourself and your company.

Promoting your videos using email

Unless you are a start-up, most established businesses have some sort of email list. As you know, an email list is a great source of generating revenue but it can also be a great source of sending targeted traffic to your YouTube channel.

Sending out emails that feature your YouTube videos is also a great way to stay relevant to your customers and also provide them with awesome content.

If this is done right this provides a win-win situation to you and your customers by giving them content that they want and also bolstering your channel in YouTube.

Promoting your videos using Pinterest

Admittedly Pinterest is not going to work for every industry or niche. Having a great Pinterest account is probably not going to get you a lot of leads if you’re a locksmith in Boise, Idaho.

But if you take an interesting angle with your content, you can make almost any type of industry work.

Pinterest is all about fun, shareable tips and tricks shared in an interesting visual format. So creating a good visual is key and posting it in industry related group boards will get you automatic traffic for years to come.

YouTube promotion final thoughts

Starting a YouTube channel can be a daunting task. If you rely on YouTube’s search algorithm alone for traffic, you will be in for a long and slow ride.

Getting external, engaged traffic to your videos is one best signals you can give to YouTube than your channel is high quality, and that is should be ranked highly. That’s why if you use even just one of these three tips, you will significantly drive more traffic and leads to your business


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