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Who are your customers?

By on 20th April 2010

We have all been there, caught short outside somewhere looking for the nearest pub and hoping we can sneak past the keen-eyed bar staff to use the conveniences.

BBC to roll out new visual language

By on 25th March 2010

The BBC’s website is today well established as arguably the most cutting edge, the most current and the friendliest to users. The website is much more than just a page rank of 9 and pages of English language! It is a website which not only hold top quality content, but carries with it the impeccable reputation the BBC has built up over decades of impartiality.

Using Social Media – Twitter

By on 4th December 2009

Twitter is one of several social media networks that is currently growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. While most social media sites are not designed with businesses in mind, Twitter is one system that can be very beneficial if you have an online business.

What is a Quality Link?

By on 4th December 2009

It used to be that any link to a web site was a good link and each played a strong role in a site’s ability to rank well. That is no longer the case and not all links are treated equally.

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