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The Where, Why, and When of the World Wide Web

By on 11th February 2011

HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol is essentially the dialogue that allows distribution and collaboration to take place across the Web. While its technological creation can be considered a modern venture, there were several precursors to the concept.

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Making Every Word Count

By on 19th January 2011

People do not read websites like newspapers or books. Reading from a computer screen is a more laborious process and can be 25% slower than reading from paper. Readers are put under pressure to scan the page and select information relevant to them.

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10 Steps for a Social Media Campaign

By on 29th November 2010

In today’s current culture of social networking and constant digital connectivity, social media marketing is becoming more and more important for advertisers, companies and customers. Social media gives you a direct channel of communication with customers.

Friends Team Up to Take on Google

By on 19th August 2010

myhomepage was founded by two well connected young entrepreneurs Massimo Agostinelli and Max Aengevelt who combine their work at myhomepage with their studies at the European School of Business of London and Cass Business school.


Who are your customers?

By on 20th April 2010

We have all been there, caught short outside somewhere looking for the nearest pub and hoping we can sneak past the keen-eyed bar staff to use the conveniences.

BBC to roll out new visual language

By on 25th March 2010

The BBC’s website is today well established as arguably the most cutting edge, the most current and the friendliest to users. The website is much more than just a page rank of 9 and pages of English language! It is a website which not only hold top quality content, but carries with it the impeccable reputation the BBC has built up over decades of impartiality.

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