MintTwist win at the Google Partners Game On Awards 2017!

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MintTwist are pleased to announce that we are the winners of Google Partners’ Game On Awards 2017! We won Best New Business agency at the Game On Awards for 2017. Game On has been Google Partners’ most successful campaign ever and has helped many agencies, like ourselves, grow and develop their AdWords skills, knowledge and ultimately results for their clients. Colin and Rosemary were present on the night to collect the award and were thrilled when it was announced MintTwist had won.

Colin said:

“It is a fantastic honour to win the award and I definitely wasn’t expecting it! AdWords is an integral channel for us and our digital marketing consultancy for clients and we are pleased to be recognised for our hard work at growing the performance and activity for Google AdWords this year.

Google AdWords is continually evolving and changing to take into consideration technological developments and changes to people’s user behaviour. As such, it is a great channel to use for a whole variety of marketing objectives.

Google Partners is a great scheme and allows us to get personal help and advice, directly from Google. This then passes on to our client campaigns and the programme means we can continually strive to provide the best possible results and ROAS for our clients.”

  The night itself was a fun-filled evening of fun with an underwater theme. From the people dressed as deep sea divers to greet us to the sea-themed cocktails it was a fantastic night. MintTwist got the chance to network and speak with both Googlers and other Partner agencies and it was really interesting to hear different opinions and thoughts on a whole variety of areas. MintTwist was also one of the shortlisted agencies for Agency of the Year for the Blue Badge partner agencies.

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