MintTwist Roundup 2015

It’s been a great year here at MintTwist. We have shared our digital knowledge, built some brilliant websites, delivered some exceptional marketing …

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It’s been a great year here at MintTwist. We have shared our digital knowledge, built some brilliant websites, delivered some exceptional marketing and had a lot of fun!

Which of our blogs trended the most this year?

From topical content marketing to zombies invading Google, our Digital Ideas Blog had it covered this year. We take you through some of the most popular articles from 2015.

Trends in Web Design 2015

Our most visited blog article this year looked at the advancement in web design techniques over the course of the last 12 months. Lee Baillie discussed the death of the scrolling hero banner and taking a ‘less is more’ approach along with optimising your website for mobile.

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How technology is driving a cashless society

The rapid advancement in technologies such as contactless and mobile payments over the last few years have increased the possibility of a cashless society. Sweden have made rapid progress with this type of monetisation through the use of a mobile payment system called Swish, with reports stating that there was less than £6 billion in circulation in October. Rosemary Wynne discusses the possibility of a cashless society in the near future across a number of continents.

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How does Google Zombie affect your website?

In a year where SEOs were kept on their toes by Google when it comes to algorithm updates, November saw spikes in website traffic being picked up webmasters globally. This was as a result of non-converting ghost traffic that was allegedly being directed to sites via organic search. Google are yet to comment on whether this was part of their Panda updates or just a conspiracy theory. Stay tuned for the next Google Penguin update, coming to a search engine near you in early 2016.

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How to create a Digital Marketing Campaign

The importance of having a developed and measurable digital marketing campaign is a must for any company. As the variety of tools that form part of your campaign become more sophisticated along with the metrics to go with them, having a handle on your KPIs and measuring performance cannot be underestimated. Julia Deutsch offers a number of simple steps for you to start defining your digital campaign.

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Clever content marketing for retail brands

2016 is likely to see the focus on personalisation go that one step further in the digital marketing world. It is no longer acceptable for brands to just have a content schedule for their digital platforms with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter teaming up with ecommerce platforms to offer buyable content. Lucy Forbes looks at how this aspect of the ‘digital revolution’ is making the average consumer lazy.

What workshops did we deliver?

  1. Integrated Digital Marketing Short Courses with City University London: Digital Processes; Digital Strategy and Insight
  2. Successful content marketing strategies
  3. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO
  4. Getting Started with AdWords
  5. Creating a Digital Measurement Dashboard
  6. Social media marketing
  7. MintTwist’s annual digital review

Take a look at the events that we have coming up in 2016. Open to marketing directors, managers and executives.

What websites did we build?

  1. Leightons
  2. ALS (Advanced Labelling Systems)
  3. Kynetix

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