MintTwist Loves #PancakeDay

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MintTwist Loves #PancakeDay

Shrove Tuesday

Happy Pancake Day, everyone! To celebrate this most delicious of days, we’ve created an infographic displaying all the yummy places to get pancakes near our offices in North London. We hope you enjoy!


Pancake Day Restaurants include:

The Diner

Introducing ‘Reeses Pancups’ just for Shrove Tuesday, we can’t wait to get to The Diner. What could be more delicious?


The Blues Kitchen

The yummy combination of savoury and sweet is not to be missed. The Blues Kitchen make yummy ‘Maple and Bacon’ American style pancakes, that you need to try today.


My Old Dutch

Although there are several unique ingredients and recipes for pancakes, sometimes simple and sweet is best. Head to My Old Dutch to try delicious ‘Sugar and Lemon’ pancakes.

The Breakfast Club

Feel like taking your love of pancakes to the next level? The Breakfast Club Pancake Challenge is the place for you! Eat a stack of 12 pancakes in 12 minutes and the meal is free. Or, like us, you can take your time and savour the taste of ‘Lemon Meringue Pie Pancakes.’ Yum!


The Malaysian Pancake Company

Creating “deliciously unique pancakes,” the Malaysian Pancake Company uses traditional Malaysian recipes to make their masterpieces. Their black rice ‘Coconut Pancakes’ are a deadly sweet treat.


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