Making Your Digital Stamp

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In an age where all businesses are expected to be accessible online it can be a challenge to stand out amongst your competitors. A factor that once used to differentiate your company online, may now be commonplace or outdated. It’s important for companies to constantly be aware of what’s going on around them to stay relevant, especially online, in the 21st century- whether it’s learning from competitors, keeping up with consumer trends or discovering new ways to make your presence known.

Connect With Your Audience

Being aware of exactly who your digital company is trying to target, can not only help steer how you present yourself online but also where. For example, Facebook is a platform that nearly every age group is familiar with, while Twitter and Instagram are more popular among the younger generations. Having a presence and being interactive on these social media platforms can give you the opportunity to create meaningful connections with your customers. One of the best sources when looking to improve your digital impact is your customers themselves, so take into consideration their comments and ideas. By knowing your target audience you can create and post content that better resonates with them and identifies how your company can help solve their problems to make their lives easier. Build a genuine relationship with your audience and be committed to them, and in return they will be committed to you. It’s a challenging task for your voice to reach everyone, so save time, money, and frustration by narrowing down your audience and marketing to them specifically.

Understand Your Competition

Your company’s main competitors and their activity online can be a beneficial area to learn and grow from. Discovering your main competitors’ target audience can also help you redefine, or even rethink who your main audience are. By simply keeping an eye on your competition, you can find new tactics or opportunities to reach your audience and develop a better digital marketing strategy. After all, chances are if you are watching them, it is very likely that they are watching you. Areas to look at might include the success of your competitors’ daily traffic to their website. If they are coming in with large numbers day after day, then their techniques are certainly successful and could be something to learn from. How successful are their social media portals, and how well do they interact with their followers? How have they been able to increase their following? Learning which of their techniques have been effective in user engagement and which ones have not will greatly benefit your own strategy. By no means should you copy exactly what your competitors are doing, but better yet learn from what is working and not working for them. It is always better to learn from others’ mistakes then to make them yourself. After all, being unique is what will differentiate you in the digital world and help you make a lasting impact on your customers and keep them coming back time after time.

Stand Out from the Crowd  

A meaningful connection with your target audience with a combination of a thorough understanding of your competitors and their tactics can greatly give your digital agency leverage. Be sure that your company’s personality shines through in your digital presence. Look around you and figure out what it is that makes your digital agency special. What are your company’s strengths, goals and values, and how do you project these in your work? What pushes you and your co-workers to work harder? Here at MintTwist, we pride ourselves in our fabulous, hardworking and determined staff. We all come together with the vision and willpower to help grow our business to the best it can be and have a passion for solving our client’s needs. standout  

MintTwist Will Help You Make Your Mark

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