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How important is environment to creativity? If some of the world's most creative companies are anything to go by, it's extremely important. The internet is full of photos of pirate ship offices, treehouse offices, and offices with giant slides, all constructed to foster employee creativity. Research last year showed that "thinking outside the box" literally holds true, and that your environment has a significant effect on creativity.
Kentish Town is the pride of the Northern Line KT
It isn't just about office space, though undoubtedly it plays the larger role, but also the location of your office. I once worked in an area where the derelict neighbourhood offered nothing to see or do. The result was, to put it bluntly, soul destroying. I ended up spending all day inside, rarely venturing out, not even for lunch as there was precious little choice in the way of cafes. As web design agency in Kentish Town, our location is the polar opposite. This is a neighbourhood that fosters creativity, and furnishes a sense of community between both businesses and residents. Below are 5 reasons MintTwist loves Kentish Town.
  1. The Kentishtowner – an award-winning daily website recognised with Best Digital Service at the 2013 UK Newspaper Awards. This publication offers everything a Minty could want, including the latest Kentish Town restaurants and shops. Its column "Why It Matters", focuses on community issues like foodbanks, schools and libraries. It's a prime example of the kind of creative talent you'll find in this neighbourhood.
  2. Kentish Town's history and flair – between the architecture that survived WWII dating back to mid-19th century, and the pubs which were the websites of early performances by the likes of Blur and Coldplay, we definitely dig the vibe. Notable Kentish Town residents and former residents include writer George Orwell, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, comedian Lucy Porter, and designer of BT telephone directory Richard Downer.
  3. The Vine – every company's got to have a favourite pub, and this is our local watering hole. You can find us there every Friday evening, discussing the week's events and drumming up new ideas.
  4. Restaurants and pop-ups – it's hard to be creative on an empty stomach. Between Time Out favourites Dirty Burger and Chicken Shop, and recent pop-ups like Raw Food and Lucky Chip, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to deliciousness.
  5. Highgate Studios – also known as MintTwist Towers, this is where we shed our alter egos and suit up for our superjobs. The studios have an onsite cafe, nursery, a fitness centre, and we're surrounded by like-minded companies. Oh, and by the way, we happen to have some desk space available for rent if this all sounds pretty cool to you.
I guess when it comes to web design and digital marketing it doesn't get much better than this. I wouldn't say no to that pirate ship though. What do you love most about the area you work in?

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