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Four ways Instagram Story Highlights can benefit your brand

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Instagram is currently one of the most popular and widespread social media platforms, and it has evolved into a useful tool for digital marketing and advertising. The app has gradually developed from simple photo feeds to a larger hub for news, pop culture, blogger content, and promotions. Influencers and businesses alike have plenty of opportunity to market themselves through the variety of options that Instagram offers.


One of the newest and more exciting ways that this can be accomplished is through Instagram’s Highlight feature, which allows users to permanently save their previously temporary stories and content directly onto their profile. Highlights are a valuable tool, and brands can learn how to integrate the new feature into their digital marketing strategies. When used efficiently, Highlights can be used to optimize customer experiences and to create deeper and more meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. The team at MintTwist has done a bit of research on the benefits of the Highlights feature, and we even have a few of them already posted to our page! Here are a few ways that we’ve found brands can use the Highlights feature to their advantage.

How to Use Them


1. Spotlighting Products

The first benefit of Instagram story Highlights is the ability to draw attention to what is most important for your business, such as your products or services. Highlights are the perfect opportunity for a brand to immediately advertise their available products, as they provide a quick and easy way for a casual viewer to catch a speedy glimpse at what a company might have to offer. Additionally, the feature can be used to advertise a company’s ongoing sales or to provide tips and how-to’s for specific product lines. This way of using the Highlights can be particularly useful for clothing companies that want to display their attractive new garments.


Example: Global fashion brand Fashion Nova focuses on their ability to quickly ship worldwide, and their Highlights are aptly dedicated to advertising their ongoing sales and products. They’re arguably using Highlights in the most effective manner regarding their line of business.


2. Driving Web Traffic

Instagram stories allow users to implement the “Swipe Up” feature, which can ultimately redirect traffic back to a brand or company’s site. The great thing about stories like these is that the “Swipe Up” function is still retained when they are added to Highlights.

There are several ways in which Highlights can be used to attract larger audiences to your brand. A few of the ways that brands and businesses can use Highlights is to feature their latest blog posts, to share any user-generated content, and to showcase their other social media channels.


Example: Rolling Stone Magazine has done a wonderful job of utilising this feature to the fullest. By advertising each of their latest issues on their Highlights, they’ve managed to transcend their original medium of a print magazine and boost their monthly content viewership. They’re keeping their audiences regularly updated on when they’re releasing.


3. Eliminating Clutter

If a brand has a large amount of content that they’re posting on their page, then things can quickly get disorganized and cluttered. Highlights are the perfect way to keep everything organized and looking sleek. Users can even get creative with options to customize the Highlights’ category covers. Attaching associated icons to each section of Highlights will help set your brand apart from the competition in an aesthetically-pleasing manner.


Example: Home and garden site Jungalow has sorted all their content into separate Highlights, each with its own creatively designed cover. By doing this, Jungalow has made their content both easy to navigate and attractive to the consumer eye.


4. Recap Events & Promotions

Another useful feature of Highlights is its ability to tell stories. If a brand has just hosted a relevant event or promotion recently, then Highlights are the perfect way to recap and give viewers a behind the scenes look. For a brand that regularly attends new events or is constantly on the go, this feature could be the perfect way to keep viewers in the loop on what they are up to.



Example: One brand that uses this feature incredibly well is New York Fashion Week. NYFW, as it is regularly dubbed, is typically broken up into several days of showings. As such, the brand usually has a ton of content at the end of the week that can be shown, but a lack of organisation has hindered them in the past from posting as much as they’d hope to. The Highlights feature has allowed them to segment all their content from each individual day for viewers to easily watch in a streamlined manner.



In a nutshell, Highlights can give brands an edge in how they can market themselves to the rest of the world. Highlights allow brands to post infinitely more content without cramming followers’ feeds or ruining their own personal profile’s aesthetic. The digital marketing sphere is ever-changing, and Instagram’s Highlights allow for companies and brands to get more creative in how they are keeping their audiences engaged.

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