Our Head of Strategy features in an article on marketing for Gen Z

How should universities attract Generation Z? That’s the question posed by an article in University Business magazine this month. Written by Charley Rogers, the feature includes an interview with our Head of Strategy Colin Cheng, providing tips for a stellar marketing campaign. Understanding how to market to Gen Z is critical for universities hoping to rise above the rest during clearing this year. Authenticity is key for this generation and it is imperative that universities give honest and transparent insight into their courses and offerings. “Students are naturally sceptical about advertising,” says Colin. They trust peer-to-peer advice and this can be a great way for universities to provide information that Generation Z can trust. The article discusses what universities can do to provide timely information and authentic insight into their institution. According to the article, a report by Social Media Week this year stated that 88% of students use the social media platforms Instagram and Snapchat, with 81% saying they also use Facebook. They expect to be able to communicate with potential universities and see and receive information that is engaging and interesting to them. Concluding with a list of Colin’s top tips, this is an interesting and illuminating article from University Business magazine. Colin is running a free digital marketing workshop—Preparation for Clearing—on the 7th March at our offices in Old Street. Aimed at managers of universities in charge of student recruitment, this is a chance to learn from Colin and ask questions related to your university’s recruitment plans.

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