Friends Team Up to Take on Google

myhomepage was founded by two well connected young entrepreneurs; Massimo Agostinelli and Max Aengevelt who combine their work at myhomepage with their studies at the European School of Business of London and Cass Business School. Quite a feat when you see how far their business has come in such a short space of time. In just one year myhomepage have a highly developed password management system that has a applied for patent and online bookmarking system that is up and running on the internet. myhomepage are operating in an emerging and intriguing space and the business is already a leading player in a sector in which heavy weights such as Google and Microsoft have already expressed an interest. Massimo and Max have been close friends since meeting at Hurtwood House boarding school in Surrey England and the friends both have business in their blood. Both are heirs to well established and highly successful family businesses that make high value equity investments all over the world. But family connections will not provide a free ride, the family businesses have provided the seed investment, but the founders are well aware that they are required to ensure the business is able to stand on its own two feet by winning further investment from external sources. Massimo and Max set about achieving their vision for myhompage in early 2009 by assembling a team of exceptional technical experts, marketing guru’s and seasoned start-up executives. myhomepage aims to become a leading start page that allows user to save, manage and automatically log into their favourite bookmarks. Key to the success so far has been the fact that the founders have extended the hand of friendship as well as camaraderie to all the members of their team. The latest to join the team is the web agency MintTwist. MintTwist were involved early on in the myhomepage story, having been contracted to improve the website design, look-and-feel and usability-  and lets not forget to mention the back end work our web development company in London had to put into this! Having seen the tremendous value that exists within the business, MintTwist were delighted to agree on even closer ties, by becoming equity partners in the myhomepage business. Massimo, Max, MintTwist and the rest of the fledgling team still have a long way to go. And they are under no illusions about the difficulties that lie ahead; first they must prove that there is traction in the product by significantly raising the number of active users that have taken up the myhomepage system. In a latest twist to their story, the team have now been set the challenging goal of achieving 50,000 new users within just 6-months. Read more on the myhomepage marketing challenge. But as ever the two enigmatic founders are un-phased – “We will do it”, they say. For further information on myhomepage please contact Max Aengevelt ([email protected]) or Massimo Agostinelli ([email protected])

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Alexis Pratsides