Effective PPC campaigns – part 2

Effective PPC campaigns – part 2

As a full-service London PPC agency, we know that running a PPC campaign without monitoring Google Analytics is like walking while blindfolded; it is not possible to know if things are going in the right direction.

By connecting Google Analytics to Google Adwords you will be able to obtain valuable insights on how your campaign is doing and what needs to be improved. The main things to look at are:

  • Keyword engagement
  • Landing page engagement
  • Keyword conversion rates

No matter how well a certain keyword is performing according to Google Adwords, it is necessary to check what the user’s behaviour is once they reach the website. Look for keywords with low engagement (low avg. time on website and high bounce rate), and pause them in Google Adwords until you discover what the problem is. Usually low engagement is caused by:

  • low relevance for the user, or
  • poor landing page content and/or design.

Generally, if only a handful of keywords are underperforming it means that they are not completely relevant to what users are looking for, therefore they should not be in your campaign.

Poor engagement is usually caused by low relevance or poor page content/design.

If the majority of terms are not performing it is likely that either your keyword research is inaccurate (see our previous article for guidance on this), your ads are misleading, or your landing page is not performing well. Addressing these will improve your campaign.

Look for keywords that are generating sales and think about how to improve their performance:

  • reducing the cost per conversion (CPC) by making slight decreases in the maximum CPC until you find the optimum value
  • increasing the CPC to generate more impressions of your ads and achieve a higher avg. position.

Always evaluate how to best distribute your budget, spending more on campaigns that are consistently delivering good results.

Look for keywords that are generating sales and think about how to improve their performance.

Getting the right keywords and converting them to sales is a fine art. It can also be time consuming – unless you’ve contacted an Adwords agency UK. If you are new to Adwords then seeking advice and assistance from your PPC management agency London will give your PPC campaign a better chance of success.


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