Content marketing tactics to help your franchise grow in 2020

A crash-course in developing a content marketing strategy to grow your franchise this year

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With the new year come new resolutions and increased motivation for improving your franchise. Start the year off strong by preparing your content marketing strategy.

As you probably know content marketing is a highly effective marketing technique. In 2019, 56% of B2C marketers have increased their spending on content creation over the last 12 months. This number is only going to get higher since marketers have noticed the value of high-quality content marketing.

If you want your franchise to be credible and successful, and recognizable among large masses, you need to follow trends and apply innovative tactics. That’s why the following list of content marketing tactics to help your franchise grow in 2020 can serve as a guideline to an effective content marketing strategy.

Look into the previous year’s results

The best way to learn is from your own mistakes. Looking into your successes and misses from the last year’s content marketing strategy will provide you with a realistic perspective.

Analyse your overall involvement in marketing strategy. Focus on the channels of distribution you employed, such as websites, blog articles, email marketing, social media marketing and paid advertisements.

Reflect on media that you’ve used, how efficient they were, and if you haven’t used some of these content distribution channels, think about giving it a try.

The insight will show you which moves were a good choice and which were a bad one. Based on that you’ll be able to get to know your audience. You’ll have a better understanding of their preferences and the approach that works for them.

Educate the employees

The team that stands behind your franchise is the one who can make or break your business. All the employees need to have a clear understanding of the importance of content marketing and how to distribute it properly.

Your content writers, email marketing managers, digital marketers, and everyone else who affects content marketing strategy need to know what your franchise’s mission is this year. Is it to drive leads? To increase conversion? To bring attention to a specific location? Decide and spread the news.

The results you collected from the previous year will show you which part of your content marketing needs some work. Make sure to share your findings with the team.

Use content intelligence tools

Content intelligence tools provide you with data-driven information about the effectiveness of your content. You’ll be able to single out the topics that your audience likes, the most engaging topics, and those topics that will help you reach your franchise’s goal.

When you know the most effective content, you can use content writing services or essay writer online like Trustmypaper to find the best writers and grow your content strategy. With Readable you’ll be able to keep track of content’s readability and adjust it accordingly. Additionally, you’ll identify which topics are already exploited by your competition so you’ll know in which content areas your falling behind.

Lastly, you’ll be able to follow the content’s progress in real-time and change your strategy when needed.

Have an Instagramable corner

Instagram on iPhone

Instagram had quite a boom in 2019. Even though Facebook is still the number-one social network, Instagram is all that everyone talks about and posts about.

Use Instagram trends to increase your online presence. Collect user-generated content by creating a corner in your store that will be perfect for taking pictures and posting on social media. It can be a special place or a wall that is designed for Instagram purposes. There are several ways to create an Instagram-worthy space.

Specify the hashtag that the customers should use when posting these pictures so you can find the content, repost it or share it on your profile. This will be an inexhaustible source of user-generated content.

7 ways to take pictures for Instagram

Focus on interactive content

interactive content

Customers want their opinions to matter. With the high competition in every industry, you need to have an outstanding customer experience if you want to thrive in your niche. Interactive content will entertain the audience and show them the importance they have in your company.

Some examples of interactive content are:

  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Polls

Set these up on your website or social media and let the audience participate, share their opinion, and have fun.

For example, if you are starting a survey on where you can open a new store you can put that on your website but for more casual questions such as what their favourite product is, use social media options such as polls in Instagram stories. Feel free to check out these examples of how brands use Instagram for creating interactive content.

Some final thoughts

As we are walking through 2020 you need to reflect on the previous year and prepare for the next one. It is never too early to start thinking about how to upgrade your franchise and make it more successful.

Each year the bar for content marketing rises so you need to be informed and prepared in order to stand out among the competition. Use the above-mentioned tips to keep your content marketing updated and high-quality.

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