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As this year’s Royal Wedding is now upon us, the world can’t stop talking, writing, thinking and obsessing over the event that will be streamed to millions tomorrow. For brands, it’s the perfect occasion to be tongue in cheek, create a buzz and piggyback on the good feeling the wedding has generated.

Now, who is going to be the most original and creative mixing their brand with the UK’s biggest wedding of the year? Here are five brands that caught our attention. Warning : it's mostly about food.

1. M&S: Creativity meets festivity

The original proposal of Prince Harry – over a roast chicken - inspired Marks & Spencer's connection to the wedding. M&S, the famous UK grocery store, gave their roast chicken sandwich a Royal make-over. The brand didn’t just makeover their sandwich, they also re-branded their social channels in honour of the Royal Wedding’s bride : « Markle & Sparkle ». They will keep that name for three days to celebrate all things Markle.

2. KFC: The Royals soon-to-be favourite chicken

Another chicken themed tie-up. This time from the UK (and I'm sure Harry and Meghan)'s favourite chicken shop. KFC has created an exclusive "Royal fitting", bucket, which means that if the Queen manages to snap one of them up, she will now be able to eat her chicken wings and still be Royal-worthy. Fifty lucky customers can get their hands on one this weekend from one of KFC's branches in Windsor, and pretend to be a royal prince or princess. Eating chicken wings has never been more elegant.

3. Dunkin' Donuts: Inspired by love

Dunkin' Donuts couldn't have missed the opportunity to share some love. They had to pull something out of the bag and they did it well. To celebrate and share the love, they have created a heart-shaped doughnut that is so good looking that we might frame one. If you want to get your hands on the cutest doughnut and be festive at the same time, get down to your local Dunkin' Donut this weekend. Plus, it's totally Instagram worthy.

4. SodaStream: Mixing charity and Royalty

What's better than using one of the most talked about events of the year to shine a light on a charity? SodaStream made a mix of both and probably won the game. With their spot showing their bottles wearing traditional Royal hats, they also raised awareness around plastic. As they say, for each bottle bought, the money will go to a plastic-free charity which, here at MintTwist, we think is amazing. Not only did they make one of the best creatives (in our opinion) but they also remembered that those huge events can also be a way to be loud about something that matters. So, get your hat on!

5. Campbell's: Eat your soup !

The one and only Campbell's just launched their Royal soup recipe. If you want to try it out you'll need ground chicken, parmesan cheese, and many other yummy ingredients that you can find on their website. It will only take you 35 minutes to recreate this delicious-looking soup. Whether or not you're a chef, you can always try and see if you can be the next Royal cook! It's the perfect way for the brand to show off their interest in the event while sharing a recipe with their followers. We've really enjoyed seeing the ways in which brands have had some fun with the Royal Wedding. As a business, you should always be ready to create content which ties in with global events, and be a bit silly. If you want some inspiration, don't forget to check out our MintTwist Content Marketing Calendar.

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