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One of the easiest ways for a company to begin their consumer facing strategy is to start a blog. Read our top tips here.

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The industry of digital marketing has evolved. Initially considered a B2C business, marketing can now be described as a P2P field. Developing into a person-to-person industry, marketing is currently focused on connecting with consumers, clients and social followers.

The goal of being P2P is to encourage consumers to form an emotional connection and loyalty with a brand. Doing this is extremely difficult and can take time. Yet, the accomplished rewards are impressive.

A great example of a brand correctly using their blog platform is the fashion brand, French Connection. One would think that posts would solely revolve around fashion. Yet, the blog features recipes, travel destination tips, interviews, events to attend and, of course, fashion. The blog truly captures who the French Connection customer is perceived to be, what they want to do and what they’d like to learn more about.


One of the easier ways for a company to begin their consumer facing strategy is to start a blog. This is not new news. However, recently the number of company blogs that are well written, have an approachable tone of voice and have a creative vision have increased significantly.

Great for creating content which is important for SEO, a blog is also useful as a space to share the brand ethos with followers.

The role of a blog for brands

A company can humanise their image by providing behind-the-scenes glimpses of work, sharing employee stories, displaying engaging imagery, providing industry insights and opinion and more. All via a single online channel. Today, blogs can’t solely be focused on pushing products and/or services.

Yet, the realm of blogging, like the industry it fits into, has progressed. Initially creating and maintaining a blog required a minimal amount of work. Companies could publish an article every once in a while, pushing an exclusive discount or a new product.

Today, blogs can’t solely be focused on pushing products and/or services and the blogs that constantly try to sell are often the least engaged.

Currently, whether an individual writing for pleasure or a brand producing content, it is important that when planning a blog that you focus on the reader and audience.

Who are they and what do they want to read? How can you create a destination for your readers/customers? A company’s content should address issues and questions raised by readers and fit somewhat seamlessly into the lifestyle of the target audience.


Top tips for a brand’s blog

There are a few things companies must always be aware of when creating content:

  • Choose the most useful platform to host your blog
  • Write for your customers
  • Plan your content
  • Write valuable content with SEO keywords and link back to company website
  • Make the article easily scanable, using sub-category headings
  • Make your blog shareable
  • Have a dialogue with followers
  • Promote your blog on company social platforms and through outreach with online influencers
  • Measure your blog’s performance

Which tips would you add to our current list?

There’s no time like the present to get started. Company blogs are a great way of sharing and encouraging engagement with customers, clients and social followers. Blogs can use infographics, videos and images to get across the brand attitude.

Content can range from video tutorials and case studies to responding to frequently asked questions and seasonal content.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our website support and maintenance team today, and say today!

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