Best April Fools campaigns of 2018

As the clock read 00:01 on the 1st of April 2018, we waited with baited breath to see what the …

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As the clock read 00:01 on the 1st of April 2018, we waited with baited breath to see what the world’s largest brands had in store for us on the one day in the year that we look forward to ‘fake news’.

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In no particular order, our favourite April Fool campaigns from 2018 are…

Jamie Oliver

Building on an established concept, this is a classic April Fools prank. With high production value, it’s almost believable in its blatant audacity.

Burger King

Unfortunately, the video is no longer available. But once again, high production value makes this campaign just a little more believable. The new Chocolate Whopper, coming soon to your local Burger King, consisting of a flame-grilled chocolate burger, raspberry syrup, white chocolate onion rings and candied blood orange slices in place of tomatoes. Nutritious!

Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall reported that a remarkable collection of artifacts buried by Queen Victoria in 1867 have been discovered in a time capsule beneath the Royal Albert Hall—during the venue’s Great Excavation building project—including what is thought to be the world’s first meme.

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Heinz launched the world’s first chocolate mayonnaise.  With the packaging so convincing, this one could easily have slipped through the net.


Step in something amazing. TMobile Sidekicks are the World’s First Smartshoephone™. Now, all the capabilities of your smartphone are at your feet—literally.


The tastiest clean of your life. Meet KITKAT soap, a revolutionary new way to break!


Coca-Cola jumped on to the “brunch-loving, superfood-snacking” millennial bandwagon with the introduction of three new flavours: avocado, sourdough and charcoal.

James Bond

It was announced that Daniel Craig will not star in the upcoming Untitled Bond 25.  As a member of the ‘Hardy for Bond’ fan club, I didn’t find this funny.

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Google Maps

More of an Easter Egg than a full-on April Fools joke, once you load Google Maps, you need to spot Wally peeping out from the left side of the screen (or from the main maps navigation), click on him to enter the Where’s Wally game – and yes, the dog is STILL impossible to find.

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Google Chromebook

Chromebook owners now have three new ways to power their devices: wind power, solar power, and compost power. For wind power, all you have to do is visit the nearest wind tunnel or wind farm.

For solar power, just place your Chromebook in direct sunlight — 10 minutes should get you five hours of battery life. And for compost power, simply take your Chromebook charger with you when you’re tending to the garden.

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Head & Shoulders

A new all over body wash from the Head and Shoulders team over at Procter & Gamble. For all your knee dandruff.


Argos releases a USB-powered perfume that smells exactly like the catalogue, for those of us who miss the real-world interaction when shopping online.


In a world’s first, the great taste of carbonation is now available in Dairyland Milk. Sparkling Milk is available in a range of sizes and is perfect for a party, a picnic or as a healthy substitute for soft drinks. Make your fridge sparkle today!


Announcing a breakthrough to help hungry designers, Illustrator now intelligently knows what you’re craving based on your designs. Simply doodle in Illustrator and their state-of-the-art artificial intelligence detects exactly what you want and connects you with local restaurants to order that food item without leaving the app.

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Whilst we are on the subject of April Fools jokes, it’d be hard not to make a passing mention of these all-time classics below.


This Saturday afternoon classic from 1989 never gets old.

Spaghetti Harvest

This Panorama special from 1957 had the whole nation fooled.

The Office

Not strictly an April Fool, but it tickles us every time we see it.

Flying Penguins

Miracles of Evolution was a BBC film trailer made especially for April Fools Day in 2008.

Well, that’s it from this year, I hope you enjoyed these as much as we did.  If you feel that we’ve missed any please do drop us a line.

Back to some website development. Until next year…

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