App development: Which Platform?

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What’s becoming ever more apparent is that businesses are trying to take advantage of this growing trend by developing an application for their business. So for those businesses looking to develop an app the big question often is... Where do we start? Quick definition For many people who are new to this industry it can often be quite confusing to decipher the jargon that is thrown around on a daily basis. When we talk about apps we’re referring Native Applications. A Native Application is an app that is designed to perform specifically on a designated platform whether it is iOS for the iPhone Blackberry OS or Android. This definition is quite important as apps or often confused with mobile apps or mobile websites. The difference here is that a mobile website is browser based and can function on any internet ready phone. Key consideration In the past when MintTwist have been asked to work on an app project one of the first questions we’re asked is.... Which platform should we develop for? Developing for the iPhone has long been the most established platform to develop apps on, but it is becoming rapidly clear that other devices are growing in popularity. So how do we know which device to develop for? Understanding your customers and which devices they use is vital when considering this. At a glance we know that iPhone and Android devices dominate the market, however Blackberry still retains a decent market share. The first steps It’s estimated that nearly 90% of Smartphone users own an iPhone or Android device, so by developing on both these platforms you are covering most of your bases. However, with a clearer understanding of your target audience it can be easier to pinpoint which devices are the most relevant. Once you’ve overcome this first challenge then the fun part can begin. Designing an app can be a great way of getting your brand messages across or promoting a new service or product. MintTwist would be delighted to hear your ideas and help you through the whole process. We are one of the leading design and web developers in London. Stay in touch and email us at [email protected] or @MintTwist.

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