A quick guide to the best content curation tools

Content marketing has been trendy for long enough that it’s become a real pain to wade through all the deluge …

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Content marketing has been trendy for long enough that it’s become a real pain to wade through all the deluge of content on the internet in order to find the best stories. Here we discuss our favourite content curation tools for pinpointing the best pieces and publishing them easily.

As content marketers we know the basic rules of content creation – keep it quality, make it relevant, and promote to the nth degree – and we’re always on the lookout for inspiration for engaging content.

There are a number of great content curation tools out there to help us find and publish new content, and you surely already know of Pinterest and Paper.li, so we’ve listed a few you might not have considered.


Summify was recently acquired by Twitter, and offers a curation service that creates daily summaries from users’ social networks and delivers them via email, web or mobile. This tool works well for businesses who need to source timely or newsworthy pieces.


Scoop.it uses big data semantic technology to help them find relevant content quickly. This tool is great for a growing number of people and businesses who are looking to efficiently publish influential content.



Need to build your company’s thought leadership? What about increasing qualified website traffic? ContentGems helps marketers find, curate, and share engaging content so they can do just that.


Another tool for dealing with topical content, Rock the Deadline’s distinctive curation platform makes it simple for brands, agencies and publishers to create and manage engaging content, curate timely news and promote these using multiple channels.



A bit like Pinterest, this curation tool is both visual and collaborative. It allows user to organize and share any URL they find online, as well as to upload personal images and notes.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for Kuratur. Still in beta at the time of writing, Kuratur’s service enables users to frequently publish fresh and compelling content on websites or blogs in minutes a day. If you can get over the kitschy spelling, give it a try!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the content curation tools out there, just some of our favourites.

Tell us what content curation tools you love to use for your business or your clients! Let us know @minttwist or hello@minttwist.com .

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