6 Mac OS X Development Tools available to your business

6 Mac OS X Development Tools available to your business

Cornerstone SVN

Designed specifically for the Mac, this SVN client is built on the control system, Subversion. Cornerstone’s key feature is its ability to track and highlight data trends through comparison tools which can be viewed in multi-language formats. Data can then be merged together or elements can be extracted as and when required. The key benefits this software provides for Mac users include its integration with Planio, enabling you to sync a local folder with your Planio repositories along with version control. With a simple interface, Cornerstone’s interface is also flexible in that recent changes can be viewed along with the ability to view longer-term history.

Sublime Text 2

Perfect for larger-scale projects, Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for code, markup and prose. The software offers also offers a consistent interface across Linux; Windows and Mac OS X. Along with this is the minimap displayed on the right-hand side of the editing pane, giving users a snapshot of their code to be able to identify points of interest. If you wish to insert a string of text multiple times, Sublime Text 2 allows you to select a column of text and type out your text, resulting in multiple insertion points appearing across the interface.

Visual Studio Code

This is a redefined code editor optimised for all the major platforms, meaning that it can support over 30 programming languages including C++; Python and Ruby. Released earlier this year by Windows, Visual Studio Code could be a viable replacement for Sublime Text users as it matures. The key benefit of Visual Studio is it’s ability to offer the streamlined UI (user interface) of modern editors along with rich code assistance & navigation. This product also enables users to diagnose issues using debugging tools such as Node.js, TypeScript and JavaScript. In terms of code understanding, Intellisense describes APIs as you type, auto-completing to save you time on your coding projects.

Sequel Pro

This is an easy-to-use MySQL database management application available to Mac users. It’s flexible connectivity feature allows users to access their MySQL databases on local and remote servers directly. In addition, Sequel Pro enables you to connect to the MySQL Server on both your MAMP/XAMP install, highlighting it’s impressive connectivity ability. As well as this, Sequel Pro possesses an integrated text editor with an automatic syntax highlighting feature for any custom queries you may have.


The ultimate FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client for Mac OS X, Transmit allows users to transfer multiple files in a more simple fashion compared to free options such as CyberDuck. With the new Transmit Disk feature added to Transmit 4, users are able to mount favourites in the Finder even when Transmit is not running. Once files are transferred over to an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), you can access them via the click of an icon making T4 well worth the price.


MAMP offers a free & simple way to setup a local development environment on your Mac OS X computer. It can be installed alongside existing Apache applications that you may already have running on your computer, meaning that there will be no impact on your configuration files. If you are looking to manage multiple projects, the features offered in the Pro version such as multiple PHP versions, virtual servers and one-click installs make it easier to match your live or staging environments. In addition, MAMP Pro incorporates the functionality of MAMP including MySQL, Apache, PHP, Perl, and Python.

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