5 Ways to spice up your content marketing – Brazilian style!

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Learn from the Brazilians and samba your way to better rankings and engagement. Famous for stunning beaches, delicious food, and the annual Carnaval, Brazilians know how to put on a show. They are some of the friendliest people on earth, and this year as hosts of the World Cup they’ll be welcoming the world to their beautiful and diverse country. No stranger to spectacle, this is a country that knows how to capture and retain its audience. With this in mind, here are 5 ways to spice up your content marketingestilo brasileiro!

Never turn down an invitation

Cariocas, the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro, never turn down an invitation to a party, a quick drink with friends, or a tasty churrasco barbecue. They’ll say yes to multiple events on the same day, and then decide later which to attend. While this carpe diem philosophy can be confusing for foreigners, it’s an excellent approach to your content calendar. You can use Twitter's own the moment calendar to make sure you never miss an opportunity for topical content. Twitter_OwnTheMoment1 Your content calendar should show a schedule of all of the content you aim to produce, and though you’ll have your ideas worked out in advance, make sure to leave flexibility for topical subjects. If a more newsworthy opportunity appears, you can bump your originally scheduled content in favour of the timelier piece. Better yet, publish both!

Don't be afraid to let loose

Brazilians know how to party, and nobody does it quite like they do in Bahia, home to Brazil’s celebrated Salvador Carnival where revelers abandon themselves to the joy of the samba. Salvador_carnival In order for your content marketing to reach its full potential, you have to let your creativity loose. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Some of them will flop, but you’ll see even greater rewards (that elusive virality even?) from those ideas that do succeed. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t and you’ll see your creativity flourish.

Tap into your emotions

Brazilians aren’t afraid to show their emotions – joy, sorrow and everything in between are expressed without restraint. The more you tap into the emotions of your audience, the more your content will resonate with them, and they’ll share it in turn. Garnering an emotional response from your audience can involve anything from scare tactics and threat headlines, to harnessing their sense of Zen. You can also try to push their buttons with the following types of content.
  • Taboo content (improper, prohibited or profane - though tread carefully with this style)
  • Unusual content
  • Outrageous or extravagant content
  • Hilarious content
Keep in mind that positive content performs better than negative content, and that you can tap into multiple emotions. Try a headline that evokes a mixture of joy, anxiety and surprise – a powerful combination.

Let the visual dominate

There’s no doubt about it, Brazil is a beautiful country. Focus on the visual. Videos are 12 times more likely to be shared than text and link statuses, and articles look much better with a few photos to break them up. Your blog article might be extremely interesting and highly relevant, but people are less likely to read (and share) it if it’s just a wall of text. Once you’ve taken the visual plunge, spread those wings and create infographics, presentations, and custom images (for which there are a variety of photo editing apps). You can share them on specifically visual social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Slideshare.

Cultivate your resources

With 60% of the Amazon rainforest, some of the world’s best beaches, mountains, dessert and wetlands, it’s no wonder the tourists flock to Brazil. Brazil’s got it, and it flaunts it!

If you've got the content, flaunt it!

Chances are, you also have some great content sitting around waiting to be promoted. You can re-promote old pieces that are still relevant, or upcycle them to give them a fresh twist. A comprehensive article can be turned into a simple presentation. If you have a lot of data sitting around, you might be able to use it in an infographic. Your company’s resources aren’t limited to existing content and old campaigns. Your colleagues are also an available resource. Got an amateur photographer? Get them to create custom images. Interview your CEO on video or create a podcast. Clients will find your company more trustworthy and you will increase your thought leadership. Sitting down and identifying your resources can make the content creation process a lot easier. Looking to give your content marketing that extra kick? Get in touch with us via [email protected] today!

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