Branding design trends in 2023

See which branding design trends in 2023 can help create your brand to become more unique and stand out from the crowd.

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With the year 2023 up and running, the branding design world is continuing to evolve at a rapid rate. With new technologies and the behaviour of consumers changing, companies are challenged with the need to keep up with the latest trends to remain current and competitive. Our web design team explain what we think are the top design trends in 2023.


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A popular trend for several years now, minimalism is expected to continue this year. Simplicity and elegance, with an added focus on white space typography creates a clean and professional look best suited for brands that want to establish a sense of sophistication. However, the risk with going down this route is that it can be challenging to stand out amongst your competitors. 

The main benefits of minimalism include:

–        Your brand looks modern and clean

–        Your message stands out more

–        Your brand is memorable

The cons:

–        It is challenge to create a unique design that stands out

–        Not suited to every industry or brand

–        Delivering complex messages can be difficult.

Bright Colours

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This year, we feel brands are using bold and vibrant colours to grab the attention of the user and stand out from the crowd. Bright colours are perfect for brands that want to instil a fun and playful image. 

The downside, however, with using bright colours is that it can be difficult to strike the correct balance. Too much colour in your website or brand design can be overwhelming. 

However, don’t let that stop you. Bright and vibrant colours create a strong emotional response and if used correctly, can strike some amazing results from an engagement perspective. 

The benefits of bold colours include:

–        Your brand looks fresh and exciting

–        Your brand stands out from your competitors

–        Evokes a particular emotion in the viewer

The cons:

–        May not be suitable for your industry

–        Striking a balance can be challenging

–        More serious or professional brands may not find this suitable


examples of typography designs.

An essential element of branding design, we expect to see an increase in bold typography. 

Bold typography creates a strong and memorable message, which is more suited for brands that want to not only stand out but want to create a personal touch with the user. 

Handwritten fonts are also becoming increasingly popular in 2023. Using this in your brand design can help evoke a more intimate connection and increase chances of engagement with your brand. 

Custom Illustrations

a custom illustration being developed for a brand design

Next on the list is custom illustrations. These have become popular in recent year and certainly looks to continue throughout 2023. Adding a unique and personal touch to your branding design makes it perfectly suited to brands that want to establish a unique and strong visual identity. 

Please note that custom illustrations can be very costly and time-consuming to create. 

3D Design

3d fist pumps

3D design is increasingly popular this year. Adding depth and dimension creates a more immersive and engaging experience for users. It is challenging to execute as it requires a high level of technical skill. 

The benefits of 3D design include:

–        Your brand looks modern and cutting-edge

–        Your brand stands out from the competition

–        Creates a more engaging and immersive experience

The cons of 3D design include:

–        Expensive

–        Not suitable for every industry

–        Not suitable for more professional or serious brands.


Whichever direction you go down, use these trends to help connect with your user and have your brand stand out versus your competitors. Whether it is minimalism, typography, bold colours, customer illustrations or 3D design, weigh up the pros and cons with your industry and create a strong visual identity that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from the rest. 

If you want support with developing your brand design, please get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you.

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