SEO – Research is key.

Our personal research preference is to use our Google adwords account to research the popular phrases that are being searched on as well as the volume of individual searches each month.  This is in preference to using independent SEO keyword research tools.

Once we know who is searching for what and how they are searching ,we then need to see how much competition we have to fight against in order to reach a top rank in Google (bearing in mind the phrases  chosen must make sense when inserted into the main body of text).

Just this alone accounts for 25% of the overall process for SEO but I can’t stress enough –  get this right from the outset and it will save you much time and money in the future. For example we have had clients adamant on the key phrases they which to be found on through search engines as “costumers are always right” we wait for the phone call when the complaints come in on their rankings.  We then have to reopen closed projects and start a new SEO quest which not only takes up time and money it also loses the clients potential business.

So once again research is key to success in the world of SEO.  These are just the first steps on the road to high ranking success.  The whole SEO process lasts far longer and once the website has been built and gone live the trick is to make the website work hard for your business.  I hope this helps you in your quest for Google success.

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